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Aims & Scope / Editors

Aims & Scope

Aims & Scope

Since its inception in 1973 HETEROCYCLES has provided a platform for the rapid exchange of research in the areas of organic, pharmaceutical, analytical, and medicinal chemistry of heterocyclic compounds in addition to communications, papers, reviews, a special section of the journal presents newly-discovered natural products whose structure has recently been established.
Another section is devoted to the total synthesis of previously documented natural products with heterocyclic ring systems.
Due to the fact that the journal is able to publish articles within two months of receipt of the manuscripts, researchers in this field can obtain up-to-date information on heterocyclic research by reading Heterocycles regularly.


Organic and Physical Organic Chemists, Biochemists, Pharmacologists and Scientists studying heterocyclic compounds

Indexed / Abstracted

Chemical Abstracts, Chemics Index, Current Contents, PASCAL/CNRS etc.


Founded by

Tetsuji Kametani


Kunio Ogasawara

Executive Editor

Toshio Honda

Honorary Editorial Associates

M. Ihara (Japan)
J. P. Kutney (Canada)
R. Noyori (Japan)
A. Suzuki (Japan)
E. C. Taylor (U.S.A.)

Honorary Advisors to the Editorial Board

M. Banwell (Australia)
M. A. Ciufolini (Canada)
J. Cossy (France)
N. De Kimpe (Belgium)
T. C. Gallagher (U. K.)
S. Hashimoto (Japan)
H. Heimgartner (Switzerland)
S. H. Kang (Korea)
Y. Kita (Japan)
G.-J. Koomen (The Netherlands)
V. H. Rawal (U.S.A.)
M. D. Rozwadowska (Poland)
S. Ruchirawat (Thailand)
M. Shibasaki (Japan)
M. Shimizu (Japan)
V. Simánek (Czech Republic)
Cs. Szántay (Hungary)
L. F. Tietze (Germany)
K. Tomioka (Japan)
H. N. C. Wong (Hong Kong SAR, P. R. China)
M. Yamaguchi (Japan)
L. Zhang (Peoples' Republic of China)

Assistant Editors

Masayoshi Tsubuki


Sayaka Kametani
Seiya Kametani

Editorial Assistants

Saki Kida
Kaori Tsuji
Yuki Yamada


Koichi Kametani

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The Japan Institute of Heterocyclic Chemistry
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